Wedding Photographers in Surrey

Relaxed, Stylish yet Affordable

Having been wedding photographers at over five hundred weddings, we know what can make a wedding memorable for the right reasons and what can make one you'd prefer to forget! The following tips will help you choose a wedding photographer who will help make your wedding run smoothly:

The first thing you need to decide is why do you want a photographer? If you just want loads of snaps taken at the wedding which you will mainly view on your computer then a relative or one of the part-time photographers offering 1000 pictures for 250 will do. If however, you want someone who will help support you on the day, quickly and unobtrusively create wonderful pictures of the Bride and Groom, group shots of the Bridal Pary followed by candids showing the wedding atmosphere rather than blurred images of ears, bald heads and people with half a vol-au-vont in their mouths (We've seen them!), then you need to choose an experienced wedding photographer. Experience is more expensive but would you risk buying your wedding dress from someone who had only made chair covers as a hobby?

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